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Why do we exercise?

Well why do you exercise? There are many reasons but one of the favourites is to lose weight. Although this is indeed a very valid reason we should not lose sight of all the other reasons for exercising regularly. There are many of my clients/class members who exercise and already maintain a healthy body weight they should however remember they are protecting themselves against some types of cancer,risk of heart disease,risk of high blood pressure,helping to maintain bone density and keep their muscles strong enough to carry out their everyday tasks to name but a few.If your body is weak and unable to cope with your everyday life it does not matter how thin you are what is much more important is the quality of your life , you are only here once keep yourself able to enjoy it to the full and for as long as you can.




Spring has Sprung!

Or has it? After a few mild weeks BAM we are right back into the grip of winter snow, ice and minus degrees temperatures .I find the morale of some clients and class participants have dipped down when they should be raring to go full steam ahead towards Summer.But by getting up from under the duvet , away from the fire, away from the beckoning fridge you will be doing yourself a huge favour and you will feel miles better for it…promise.When you exercise your feel good hormones or endorphins are released making you feel fabulous and able to deal with the rest of your life so much easier. That is along with all the other health benefits (see my last post) So what are you waiting for? Go on !!!


Do you exercise only to lose weight?

At this time of year everyone starts the New Year vowing to lose weight and get fitter. Some stick with it and others fall by the wayside, but there are many more reasons to exercise as well as getting rid of your muffin top. Small changes to your diet and exercise routine can help you remain healthy and perhaps even save your life so here is a wee reminder of some of the amazing benefits of regular exercise which can help prevent Heart Disease,some cancers,help prevent/reduce High Blood Pressure, reduce risk of stroke and Type 2 Diabetes

By exercising you will

Strenghten your heart and make it more efficient

Help lower High Blood Pressure

Improve blood flow/ circulation

Reduce body fat

Reduce risk of some cancer

Reduce risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Strengthen bones reduce risk of osteoporosis

Reduce back pain by keeping muscles strong and keeping you mobile

Boost your immune system

Reduce risk of “bad” cholestrol

Feel great and can help with reduce stress and depression

You may notice the use of the word reduce rather a lot above so do not just focus on reducing your cuddly bits think of all the other redutions to help you staying healthy and perhaps saving your life.


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January again

Time again to step away from the chocolate tin and wave goodbye to any other goodies that may be lurking. Although Christmas is a very enjoyable time it is a time of great excess and it does last usually for about 3 weeks before and 2 weeks after. That adds up to a lot of extra calories and a lot less activity in general.

However all is not lost especially if you start now and stick to it! You need to address both your eating and exercise routine, a phrase that is being used a lot recently is that “you cannot out train bad eating habits” or in other words you can exercise all you like but if you continue to stuff your face with “bad ” food it will not be as effective.

Try setting some small goals not just thinking “tomorrow I will start to be healthy”


– Goals


  1. Be 9st 12lbs by 2 June for trip to Italy
  2. To be able to fit into my new swimsuit for holiday in September, ideally ……
  3. Increase strength and flexibility
  4. To have a more toned body overall by Christmas.
  5. Long term to be fitter, healthier and have greater mobility and flexibility.

How am I going to achieve this?


  1. Keep a food diary and find out what I can change
  2. Drink at least 4 glasses of water per day
  3. Start a new fitness class aimed at strength and stretching
  4. Go for 2 x 30 minute walks every week (to start with)
  5. Be relaxed and maintain a healthy diet without depriving myself.
  6. Seek advice /class/trainer to help me acheive this if unable to do by myself

Of course this is just an example everyone has different goals so go write yours down or print them out in black and white. Give yourself a realistic timescale , keep going back and reading and make sure you stay on track . Why not get a friend to do it with you  so you can both keep an eye on each other? Or find a trainer or class that will help you with advice if you feel you need a bit of support.Please feel free to contact me for any Fitness related help if you need it


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Fit for life

I was having a conversation with some of the ladies in my Seniors class and was amazed to find some of them were 80+ but if you were to see them in class you would never believe it. Some of them have been attending class for over 10 years and are still very fit and active. In fact when they heard I was teaching Zumba they asked if they could try it too , they loved it and the hip shaking shimmying routines went down a storm and I now it is a regular feature. Dancing around not only helps keep them fit and mobile but makes them feel happy and young again and that is something magical and I feel very lucky to be able to be part of  it. The happy and fitter you are the more likely you are to live a long a happy life with less stress and less chance of illness.

“The mind, when housed within a healthful body, possesses a glorious sense of power.”  Joseph Pilates

4 Seasons in one week

How crazy has the weather been over the past two weeks? Last week I sat in the garden for half an hour at lunchtime and ended up with sunburn down one arm ( due to the way I nodded off , oops) But what did occur to me was how nice it felt just to sit in the warm sun it just changes your whole mood! Everyone seemed to be happier and smiling , the local parks were full of  children and adults playing and having a good time. Roll on one week , and what a difference it has been snowing and windy most of the day any one you do see out on the streets are wrapped up …….very few smiles today. As I write this the central heating is back on and a large pot of soup is bubbling away nicely in the kitchen , winter woolies are back out. However I know I will get a good dose of ” feelgood factor” later on when I take my exercise classes , no sun involved but when you exercise you body releases hormones which make you feel every bit as good ( well almost) as the sun does. So even if the weather is miserable do yourself a favour and get moving even if it is just putting some music on and dancing about as you do the housework , it will also keep the dog amused too 😉


Fit to burst

It is no wonder we all find it hard to resist temptation to over eat , today in the garage as I went to pay I was faced with a oven full of hot dogs and rolls on the counter , refuelling car and face at the same time? Must be multi tasking. In the supermarket there were supersize packs of garish doughnuts ( 12+) for £2 cheaper than a lot of the packs of fruit and veg . No wonder people find it difficult to eat healthily , there are conflicting messages all the time, ie Have you had your 5 a day? No? well come and buy a jumbo size box of doughnuts instead. Choosing healthy options may be easy for some of us but many people may not be aware or able to afford them. So before you grab a bargain or a snack you may not need think twice. your waistline will thank you for it



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